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Little Miami is proud of its relationship with Ignition APG and performance specialist Matt Stockwell.

Ignition Athletic Performance Group is a worldwide leader in sport performance healthcare, training athletes in all major sports in 24 countries.

Ignition combines state-of-the-art facilities with location-based partners and amenities to service clients the total training package. Their philosophy is that athletes can only begin to reach their potential when they combine the forces of mind, body, and spirit.

Ignition Athletic Performance training is scientifically based and backed by proven results that show increased strength, speed, power, quickness, and overall athleticism.

In addition to its partnerships with professional sports organizations, Ignition serves a number of NCAA universities, major healthcare providers, and high school athletic programs by providing performance training, education, elite supplemental products, recovery, certified coaches, and sports science technology.

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Performance Specialist Aaron French

Sports Performance Coach - Aaron French

Aaron French enters his 8th year as a performance specialist at Ignition APG. Aaron has spent the last three years as the head strength and conditioning coach for Milford High School as part of the schools partnership with Ignition. Additionally, Aaron works as the head strength coach of the men’s & women’s golf teams at Xavier University and has assisted the Ignition NFL Combine, NFL Veteran, and MLB Off-Season programs. Aaron also has higher education experience, teaching the Ignition Speed System course at Wilimington College as a part of their exercise science program.

Aaron holds a bachelor of science degree in health and sports studies from Miami University plus a master of science degree in kinesiology from the University of Georgia.

Aaron is a CSCS certified through the NSCA, holds a teaching certificate in Health and Physical Education K-12, and is Ignition Speed Certified (ISSC).

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