Matt Traister has been coaching lacrosse since 1995 and took over the Little Miami program in 2011. In his six years at the helm, the lacrosse program has expanded from 32 players (boys and girls) on two teams, to more than 160 kids on eight teams.

Coach Traister is excited about the growth of lacrosse at Little Miami and the responsibility of imparting the sport’s virtues on this generation of athletes:

  • Play in the spirit of the game
  • Honor traditions
  • Promote honor, integrity and respect
  • Encourage good sportsmanship
  • Value teamwork
  • Own a commitment to community

Coach Traister graduated from Clarkson University with a degree in chemical engineering and is a vice president with O’Brien & Gere, a national engineering and project delivery company. He and his wife, Betty Jo, have three kids – Kayla (23), Justin (21) and Devin (11) – and live in Maineville.

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