Academic Team

Below is a collection of printable PDF schedules for Little Miami athletic teams. You may also download the LM Athletics Calendar to your device. NOTE: Schedules change, so check back often!

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2020-21 Fall Schedules

Cross Country Varsity & Junior Varsity  
Cross Country Jr. High
Football    Varsity/JV/Freshmen
Football    7th Gr / 8th Gr
Golf - Men's Varsity & Junior Varsity
Golf - Women's    Varsity & Junior Varsity
Soccer - Men's   Varsity & Junior Varsity
Soccer - Women's                     Varsity & Junior Varsity
Tennis - Women's VarsityJunior Varsity
Volleyball Varsity / JV / JVB
Volleyball Jr. High 'A' & Jr. High 'B'

2020-21 Winter Schedules

Academic Team Varsity
Basketball - Men's    Varsity
Basketball - Men's       Junior Varsity
Basketball - Men's Freshmen
Basketball - Men's    Jr Hi 'A' & Jr Hi 'B'
Basketball - Women's    Varsity
Basketball - Women's         Junior Varsity
Basketball - Women's JV B
Basketball - Women's    Jr Hi 'A' & Jr Hi 'B'
Bowling - Men's & Women's Varsity
Swimming & Diving    Varsity
Swimming & Diving    Jr Hi
Wrestling Varsity
Wrestling    Junior Varsity
Wrestling Jr Hi


2021 Spring Schedules 

Baseball   Varsity & JV & Freshmen
Lacrosse - Men's        Varsity & Junior Varsity
Lacrosse - Women's   Varsity & Junior Varsity
Softball   Varsity & Junior Varsity
Tennis - Men's   Varsity & Junior Varsity
Track & Field   Varsity & Junior Varsity
Track & Field      Jr. High

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